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Bridge postcards 1-Front


A collection of historical postcards dating back to the early 1900s. Locations featured in the postcards vary, and some include written messages on…

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Watts Branch Tributary Bridge 001

Construction Projects

Construction heavy photographs that don't otherwise fit in DC Streetscapes or DC Bridges.

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Washington Channel 001

Rivers and Bodies of Water

Photographs of bodies of water in DC and the surrounding area, including the Tidal Basin and the Washington Channel. For photos of the Potomac or…

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Misc. Parking Lots 001

DC Parking

Photographs of DC parking lots and structures throughout the city.

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11th Street Interchange 001

DC Highways, Interstates, and Freeways

Photos of highways, freeways, and interstates in the District of Columbia.

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Aerial 001

Aerial Photographs

Aerial photographs of various locations in Washington DC.

Contributors: District Department of Transportaiton

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Washington Circle 001

DC Traffic Circles

Photographs of various traffic circles in DC, including Dupont Circle, Scott Circle, Thomas Circle, Barney Circle, and Logan Circle.

Contributors: District Department of Transportation

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