Union Station Today

Union Station of the 21st Century

Union Station in recent years with tour buses and taxis using Columbus Circle for pickups and dropoffs.

Union Station Intermodal Transportation Center Cover Page

Cover page to a DDOT Study on the Union Station Transportation Hub.

Today, Union Station is a center of transportation for Washington, D.C. and the Northeast Corridor. In 2017, Union Station was the 2nd busiest Amtrak station in the system with over 5 million riders. It is also the busiest Washington Metrorail Station and the busiest Capital Bikeshare Station in the Washington, D.C. area. Due to the immense flow of traffic, Union Station is continuing to undergo studies and possibly expand to include more forms of transportation. 

Circulator Bus with Driver

The DC Circulator Bus has three different lines that stop at Union Station, with travel to all over Washington, D.C.

Union Station  Bikeshare Locations

Locations of Union Station Capital Bikeshare Stations surrounding the area. The station closest to the entrance of the Main Hall is the largest in DDOT's system with 48 bicycle docks.

DC Streetcar - Union Station

The DC Streetcar has its western terminus at just north of Union Station on the H Street Bridge with a connected walkway into the parking garage and train terminal.

Union Station Today