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Anacostia Freeway Construction 001
Photographs of the construction of various parts of the Anacostia Freeway, otherwise known as District of Columbia Route 295.

Southwest Freeway Construction 001
Photographs of the construction of the Southwest Freeway from 2nd to 4th Streets, southwest.

Interstate 295 001
Photographs of Interstate 295.

Center Highway Bridge Construction 001
Photos of the construction of the center highway bridge over the Potomac River, which is a part of the 14th Street Bridge complex.

Harvard Street 001 <br />
Photographs of Harvard Street.

Rhode Island Avenue 001
Photographs of Rhode Island Avenue.

Maine Avenue tunnel 001
Photographs of the Maine Avenue Tunnel.

Palisades 001
Photographs of the Palisades neighborhood, which runs from from the edge of the Georgetown University campus (at Foxhall Road) to the D.C.-Maryland boundary (near Dalecarlia Treatment Plant). MacArthur Boulevard is the main road in the neighborhood.

9th Street Expressway 001
The 9th Street Expressway begins at an intersection with Maine Avenue southwest. This intersection also connects to G Street southwest and L'Enfant Promenade. The 9th Street Expressway also crosses over I-395 also known as the Southwest Freeway. The…

Dupont Circle Newspaper Clippings 001
A collection of varied newspaper clippings from the construction of the Dupont Circle Underpass in the late 1940s through 1950. The clippings are largely collected from the defunct Washington Star and the Washington Times-Herald, which was eventually…
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